1) прочь, доло́й

af med hátten(e)! — ша́пки доло́й!


fra nu af — отны́не

af og til — иногда́, и́зредка

* * *
by, for, from, at the hands of, of, off, out of, with
* * *
I. præp
a) (materiale) of ( fx the house is built of wood);
(når materialet omdannes) from ( fx steel is made from iron; wine is made from grapes; the ruined house was rebuilt from (el. with) the same materials);
(om ingrediens) with ( fx the dish is made with apples);
b) (den handlende, det virkende, ophavsmanden) by ( fx the house was built by an architect; he was killed by the savages with poisoned arrows; he was killed by a poisoned arrow; a novel by Dickens);
(om virkning af drik) on ( fx get drunk on beer);
c) (om oprindelse, udgangspunkt; på grundlag af, ud fra) from ( fx I heard it from my sister; I bought (, borrowed, got, learned) it from him; I see from your letter that ...; it is easily understood from the context; speak from conviction); of ( fx a man of humble origin); d) (væk fra) off ( fx she took the lid off the box; he fell off the horse; he washed the soap off his face);
e) (i forhold til, af ... at være) for ( fx he is big for his age; for a foreigner he speaks English surprisingly well);
f) (i henseende til) in ( fx weak in character), by ( fx English by birth; a blacksmith by trade), in the way of ( fx that is all he has in the way of clothes);
[høj af vækst] of tall stature;
g) (ved dato etc) of ( fx your letter of May 5);
h) (om del) of ( fx two of these apples; most of us), out of (fx nine out of every ten died), in ( fx one in a thousand);
[i ni af ti tilfælde] in nine cases out of ten;
i) (i beskrivelse) of ( fx a man of enormous strength (, of high rank, of the same name); a town of this size);
j) (årsag) of ( fx die of hunger); with ( fx be half-dead with fear; stiff with cold; wet with dew; black with soot; the man was green with envy; she fainted with exhaustion); for ( fx he could not speak for emotion; leap for joy);
(om eftervirkning) from ( fx get a cold from staying out in the rain; faint from loss of blood);
k) (motiv) out of ( fx he did it out of jealousy, malice, curiosity, fear); for ( fx he did it for love); from ( fx from politeness); l) (eksistensgrundlag: føde el. penge) on ( fx live on vegetables, on a small income);
(virksomhed) by ( fx live by one's pen, by teaching);
m) (samhørighedsforhold, ejendomsforhold etc) of ( fx the owner of the dog; the top of the hill; a portrait of Henry VIII; the sound of wheels; the Duke of Kent; the King of Denmark; a friend of mine); n) (efter adj: om handling) of ( fx it was silly (, kind, considerate, wise) of you);
o) [ Udtryk]
[ andre tilfælde:]
[hvad er den af?] what is the big idea?
[den skurk af en mexikaner] that scoundrel of a Mexican;
[penge havde han ingen af] he had no money;
[af naturen] by nature, naturally;
[han gjorde det af sig selv] he did it of his own accord;
[det skete ikke af sig selv] it didn't happen of itself;
(se også de ord, hvormed "af" forbindes).
II. adv
(om fjernelse etc) off ( fx take the lid off; take off one's clothes);
[af med hatten(e)!] hats off!
[vi skal snart af med ham] we are going to lose him soon, he is leaving us soon;
[af og til] now and again, occasionally, from time to time;
(se også de ord, hvormed "af" forbindes).

Danish-English dictionary. 2013.

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